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Christopher E. Quigley, LCSW

Certified Forensic Examiner / Criminal Justice Specialist

Call: 406.782.7774 (Butte)
Or: 406.543.0642 (Missoula)

These are links to some of the public support services available in Montana for victims.

Montana Sexual or Violent Offender Search
Search page for the Montana Department of Justice's Sexual or Violent Offender Registry.
Offender Types and Tier Levels
Qualifying sexual offenses, violent offenses and definitions of additional designations for sexually violent predators and non-compliant registrants.
Office of Victim Services
Index to general information about the state of Montana's crime victim services.
Registration Requirements
Offender registration requirements for the Montana Sexual or Violent Offender Registry.
Sex Database
Sex Database Registry serves as a focal point in providing assistance to parents, children, law enforcement, schools, and the community in identification of potential sex offenders.